I remember the other day going to the store and during this COVID-19 world we live in of course a lot of non- perishables were off the shelves. When I go to the produce section it seemed like it was plenty.

Why is that? Do most Americans still not want any fresh raw greens in their system? I figured let me stock up on the fresh stuff! Nothing wrong with having the non- perishables but it’s good to make sure your getting all the nutrients that are needed in these days and times. To keep the immune system in tip top shape.

Get a bite of those berries for the antioxidants, spinach that has Vitamin K to maintain bone health, and kale which is the most nutrient dense foods in the world helps lowering cholesterol and reducing the risk of heart disease.

I’m just saying you have to keep the body in order, why not protect it during a crisis so that the crisis doesn’t invade your body because you ate good & prepared it for battle.