Cilantro: Tips on How to Prepare

Cilantro. One of my favorite herbs! You can put it in salads, soups, curries, and my favorite Spanish dishes like tacos. In the US it refers to the leaves but it’s also called aka coriander which refers to the seeds. Cilantro contains vitamin C, provitamin A and K. To me cilantro has that peppery flavor to add to a dish without adding fat or sodium.

So, let me share a few quick tips on preparing this herb.

  • To maintain flavor & texture add the raw leaves at the end of the cooking process.

  • When preparing cilantro, separate the leaves from the stems & use only the leaves. Use a sharp knife and cut gently.

  • Don’t use a dull knife or over chop for it will bruise the herb plus most of the flavor will go onto the cutting board surface.

Those were just three quick tips I wanted to share and I hope you enjoy adding a kick to your plate!

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