My Journey on Becoming A Vegetarian


"Well, its funny, I don’t even remember the year I said I was gonna become a vegetarian."

It had started in ‘03 or ‘04. When I was younger I used to get a lot of gas in my stomach. I did eat meat back in that day. As I got in my early 20’s. I became an Adventist and they teach the importance of having a vegetarian diet. One day out the blue, I said I want to try it and see what happens.

So I started out first being a polo vegetarian, which means I just ate chicken and turkey. What was interesting was how good I felt not dealing with beef.

Fast forward to 5 to 10 years later, I became pescatarian, only eating fish and vegetables. So much was going on with chicken.... and to tell you the truth, I was getting bored with it. Then again, out of nowhere, I just stopped eating the chicken and turkey.


Going into the pescatarian era, I was loving my salmon, filet of sole, and tilapia. Then finally a couple of years ago I found out what they do to the tilapia and what’s going on in our oceans with so much pollution. Plus, how they are farm raising the tilapia. It breaks your heart on what man does and how nasty the process. Mind you in my vegetarian journey I was not fully educated about how much energy we use for the breakdown of killing animals so we can eat them and how it affects our environment. In life things change. So you could say last year I just stopped eating the fish.


But the last hardest thing to give up was..... CHEESE! THE DIARY! It was so hard to say goodbye! Cheese was good on everything. especially macaroni and cheese or potato skins! MERCY!


So, this is my journey. I have completely changed grocery stores, using different products to substitute and I have to say I love being a vegan. I love having so much energy and hardly ever getting sick. I also enjoy having a positive mindset!! Since I love to bake and cook, I get to be creative with savory tasty meals and meet cool people who are in this lifestyle. Even the vegan restaurants blow my mind!


So that’s my vegetarian journey in a nutshell! FREE, FRESH, AND FUNKY enjoying life!